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The Magic Rainbow (by little Linda)

The Magic Rainbow



  THE MAGIC RAINBOW  (by little Linda)


Linda (age 6) came to our workshop on the 7 November 2015 with this lovely drawing, on the occasion of  the 'Pane, Libri e Marmellata’ event  at ‘Biblioteca dei Ragazzi’ in Sesto San Giovanni. She briefly told us the story her classmates and teacher had invented. We hope we’ve got the details right, Linda.



In the land of the Faraway Woods, goodness knows where, lived a group of fawns. 

Among this group was one who was always picked on. He wasn’t included in their games; he was left on his own. Why? Because he looked different from the others.


Yes, in fact the other fawns thought his marks on his back were rather strange; he really wasn’t one of them.



The little fawn was very sad.


On one hot sunny day while the group of fawns were down by the lake there was an enormous thunderstorm, and frightened by this they ran to take shelter in a nearby cave.


After an hour they ventured out into a beautiful sunny day, and what did they see?


An amazing rainbow!


The little fawn jumped for joy! In fact he jumped over the rainbow! The others followed and were amazed to see that the little fawn with its strange coat had turned into array of colours. Just like the rainbow.


But, they unfortunately only had one colour.